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Hii! My name is Jae, and I've very recently returned to LJ after a.... long hiatus. Don't think I've really been around since maybe 2012 at the very least.
Fandoms change, and the spaces fandom uses changes. I've mostly spent my time on tumblr (Floralsong there, hi). I recently started rediscovering all my old favourite Johnny's songs (and rewatched Hana Yori Dango... T_T) and suddenly had a thought. Where are all the Johnny's fans nowadays?

My search led me back to LJ. Because it seems like this still is the main hangs for the fandom.
I'm quite shy, tend to keep a low profile in the fandoms I'm in.
But I'm also really friendly, hit me up if you wanna chat.

I'm 24, love to cook and pet kitties and doggies. I'm bisexual, genderfluid/nonbinary. I have a boyfriend who is the greatest. We both work with our local pride organization, and I love to help create fun and safe spaces for young LGBTQ people. My health is not the best, I've been "blessed" with generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and some kind of arthritis (most likely ankylosing spondylitis, but my rheumatologist haven't diagnosed it specifically yet.)
I'm really into bullet journaling and spend some of my time nerding out about pens and stickers and pinteresting.

For now I've decided to keep my old posts up - I'm sure they are painfully embarrassing, being written by 16 year old me, but somehow I guess they are better than a completely empty blog.

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(this image is a reference that only me and my best friend understand. it's from 2007, and incredibly specific to the time and fandom we were in. keeping it out of nostalgia and as a monument to a time long past. where memes were.... simpler.)

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